Friday, 05 February 2021 News


Do you work in the cosmetics industry and hold a marketing, sales, production or support position? Are you thinking of changing career for this exciting field? Or maybe are you simply a cosmetics enthusiast who would like to discover an innovative distance learning course delivered by a renowned school?

ISIPCA, the benchmark school in the fields of perfumery, cosmetics and flavours will be holding a remote training teaching the essentials of skincare cosmetics to help you understand this fascinating universe which keeps evolving and innovating! What’s scheduled? Customized, face-to-face remote sessions led by 3 cosmetics experts from ISIPCA. You will immerse yourself in the extraordinary history of cosmetics through its products, formulation techniques and innovations. You will then learn about the essential bases of cosmetic skincare and its applications and for the last class you will discover the marketing side of cosmetic products.

Those courses can be chosen à la carte, and a reduction may be applied upon registering for the full program (total of 21 hours).


As of today, the session has been scheduled for May 3rd – May 7th 2021, then May 10th and 11th 2021.

For further information about these courses and how to register, you may contact Martin Ferré (mferre@isipca.fr) or Myriam Polygone (mpolygone@isipca.fr). Limited intakes, secure your spot today!