Santanol becomes sponsor of Master FESIPCA year group 2018

04 December 2017 Press releases


As part of the Formulation and Sensorial Evaluation Master’s course, students in their final year at the International Institute of Perfumery, Cosmetics and Food Flavours are preparing to launch into real life by designing a full offering of finished products, from the R&D stage to design and manufacture to the final product launch. This year they are sponsored and supported by professionals from the Australian company SANTANOL, world leader in the production of ethical and sustainable Australian-grown Santalum album (Indian sandalwood) essential oil.

This original concept at ISIPCA is rolled out in the final year of study and for all 3 options. It consists in designing and producing a small industrial run (3,000 units), then launching a product line made up of a perfume, a cosmetic product and a flavoured food product, with guidance provided for the 60 students in the Class.

An ambitious end-of-studies project

Organised into Junior Enterprises, the students must develop innovative concepts and pool their skills to make each product a success. For this project, each student works as part of a mini-enterprise: from marketing to development via regulatory affairs and sponsorship. They all have their role to play and their own tasks, so that together they can bring the project to fruition.

As they do every year, students will work on the deep and timeless bonds that unite Man and Nature, based on trends revealed by the Nelly Rodi agency.

Santanol, sponsor of the Class of 2018

Every year a prestigious sponsor supports the year group, providing extremely valuable advice to enable them to achieve the most innovative and creative project possible.

The “horizon” trend will be the watchword for this product range, and in this context collaboration with Santanol makes perfect sense. Santanol is the world leader in the production of ethically sourced and sustainable Santal Album (Indian sandalwood) essential oils, grown on its 2,300 hectares of plantations in the Kimberley region of Western Australia. Santanol works with the biggest companies and brands in the perfume, fragrance and aromatherapy industry and is starting out in cosmetics. Santanol is part of the KKR Green Solutions platform which supports the company in its social, ethical and environmental commitments.

Santanol is proud to contribute to developing the end-of-year project with students of the ISIPCA Class of 2018. Its goal is to enable them to discover the world of sandalwood, a precious ingredient, and to explore Australia, a commodity-rich territory where, since time immemorial, the Aboriginal inhabitants have celebrated their cosmic vision and the sacred link that unites the stars, nature and man. Synonymous with landscapes as far as the eye can see, Western Australia is part of the ‘’horizon’’ trend associated with the 2018 project.

Other higher education institutions run by the Paris Ile-de-France Chamber of Commerce and Industry are also part of the programme. La Fabrique, School of Fashion and Decoration and the Gobelins School of the Image will help create the graphic universe of the upcoming collection.

The product launch event

This major project will culminate in June 2018 at the evening launch party when each section will unveil their creations. The event will be held in the illustrious setting of the Paris Ile-de-France Chamber of Commerce and Industry, avenue Friedland, and will bring together all the newly graduated Class of 2018 of around sixty students, all perfectly attuned to the values of naturalness and the great names in Perfumery, Cosmetics and Food flavours and all keen to discover the products that have been designed and developed in the greatest secrecy. Some fruitful discussions are in store!


About Santanol:

Santanol is a private company specialising in growing Santalum Album (Indian sandalwood) in Australia. With 2,300 hectares of plantations in northern Western Australia and a distillation factory in Perth, Santanol controls its entire production process from seeds harvested from its trees to the production of a pure and natural Santal album essential oil. Santanol’s guarantee of traceability throughout this ethical and sustainable production process will give perfumers of the future the opportunity to reincorporate Indian sandalwood into existing formulations. The quality of their product and their social and environmental commitments have made Santanol the world leader in the production of ethical and sustainable Santal Album essential oils.


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The International Institute of Perfumery, Cosmetics and Food Flavours was founded in 1970, and provides students from France and abroad with its unique know-how. It is the only school in this field to offer both a commercial and a scientific track, in initial training (Bac+1 to Bac+6) and in continuing education, with courses in French and in English. The top-quality teaching provided at ISIPCA paves the way for learners to advance into specialised careers and managerial positions in the flagship sectors of luxury goods, cosmetics, food flavours and perfumery.

Since its creation by Jean-Jacques Guerlain, ISIPCA has trained professionals who are renowned for their commitment, their precision and their creativity. They contribute to enhancing the reputation of French expertise, the world benchmark in this sector. The ISIPCA school is run by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Paris Ile-de-France.

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