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Executive and summer Education

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From Monday 27 September 2021 to Tuesday 05 October 2021
1 620€
Cosmetic courses

Essentials in Cosmetics course online

  • Know more about the trends, the raw materials, the evolution of cosmetic products throughout the centuries
From Monday 14 June 2021 to Friday 25 June 2021
€ 3,200
Cosmetic courses

Fragrance and Cosmetics Essentials

  • Learn about the technical principles of the formulation of cosmetic products (skincare and make-up) and the compo
From Monday 19 July 2021 to Friday 23 July 2021
€ 2,200
Cosmetic courses

Parfum Product Development

From a formulated Fragrance product:

From Monday 12 July 2021 to Saturday 17 July 2021
2 200€
Cosmetic courses

[New] Advanced Cosmetic Formulation

  • Know the steps of a perfume development and the various industrial participantsBe able to formulate a cosmetic pr
From Monday 28 June 2021 to Friday 09 July 2021
€ 3,200
Cosmetic courses

Art of French Cosmetics "à la française"

  • Learn about the technical principles of cosmetic products formulation (skin care and make-up).