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Fragrance and Cosmetics essentials

  • 10 days, from 9:00am to 5:30pm

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  • € 3,200
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    From Monday 14 June 2021 to Friday 25 June 2021



    • Learn about the technical principles of the formulation of cosmetic products (skincare and make-up) and composition of the principal accords in perfumery.
    • Learn the basic galenic forms.
    • Know the steps of development of a cosmetic product and a perfume.


    5 - "Fragrance and Cosmetics essentials"


    • Every one wishing to learn about the technical basics in cosmetic and perfumery.


    • Cosmetic technical basics
    • Galenic forms: evaluation, formulation, control
    • Cosmetics product development cycle
    • History of perfumery
    • Synthetic and natural raw materials in formulation
    • Perfume market news and trends


    10 days, from 9:00am to 5:30pm


    • June 15th - 26th 2020 (canceled)

    Tuition fees:

    € 3,200 lunch included (Register online you have the option to pay a deposit then pay the balance on the first day of training)

    Price includes training fees, lunches and excursions.
    Your traveling expenses and accommodation are your responsibility.


    Teaching methods

    A fun educational method based on workshops, lectures and company visits helps you discover this unique French approach to the world of perfumery and cosmetics ; one which highlights the pleasure of the senses and the passion for products steeped in history and a strong tradition of perfection.
    Conferences, questions -  answers. Workshops in subgroups. Evaluation of raw materials and cosmetic products. Formulation in cosmetic Laboratory (healthcare and make-up ). Composition in fragrance laboratory.


    Martin FERRÉ
    Chargé de développement commercial
    Myriam POLYGONE
    Continuing Education Assistant

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    This training program is part of the Summer University : The French Touch 2018. For information on all the training courses click on the site of Centre de Langue Française