Fragrance courses

Advanced Perfumery Composition

  • 5 days - 35 hours 

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  • S004
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  • € 2,200
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    Prerequisites & Enrolment details

    • To have attended The art of Perfumery à la française
    • One month before opening and according to availability

    Target audience

    • Anyone wishing to learn about flavourings
    • Science student, arts or literature
    • Professionals wishing to develop their knowledge of flavourings

    Session dates

    From Monday 18 July 2022 to Friday 22 July 2022



    • Learn how to facet an accord (main accords in perfumery)
    • Learn how to design a fragrance from a brief.


    • Raw materials
    • Provide a global comprehensive vision of natural essential synthetic raw materials a (Olfaction, obtaining, price regulation…) which enter the composition of fragrance accords
    • The main accords
    • Know the raw materials which enter the composition of the main accords, and to compose 5 accords which are part of the following olfactive groups : Fruity, Oriental, Afforested, Cyprus, Fougère. Floral accords Identify the raw materials which are common to certain accords and restore the scent of the dumb flowers
    • Control the composition of 5 floral basic accords and the proportions of ingredients
    • Understand how the addition of certain raw materials transforms these accords
    • Identify to what extent these agreements allow to characterize plans (length: 1 day by accord)
    • Types of seen accords: Rose/Peony/Carnation Jasmine/Tuberose Lily of the valley/Hyacinth Honeysuckle/Lilas Mimosa/Violette
    • Use the seen accords to develop new fragrances.


    Teaching methods

    Teaching methods

    • Perfumery accords composition in laboratory
    • Discovery of natural and synthetic raw materials, which will be used in the accords composition.

    Educational resources

    • Laboratories
    • Workshops
    • Fully equipped plenary rooms
    • Site visit

    Assessment methods

    • Quizz after each session


    Martin FERRÉ
    Chargé de développement commercial
    Myriam POLYGONE
    Continuing Education Assistant

    Additional information

    Funding modalities and qualification criteria

    • Online payment
    • Company funding, Personal funding


    Updated on March 25th 2021