Fragrance courses

Art of perfumery "à la française"

La parfumerie est un art à la française et s'inscrit dans un art de vivre qui fait rêver.

  • 10 days - 70 hours

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    Training code
  • S002
  • arrangements
  • full_time_course_on_site,
  • cost
  • 3 200€
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    How to apply

    Admission procedures

    • E-mail
    • Application Form : signed and ID copy
    • Online payment


    Prerequisites & Enrolment details

    • None
    • Application dates: 10 days before opening and according to availability

    Target audience

    • Anyone wishing to learn about perfumery
    • Science student, arts or literature
    • Professionals wishing to develop their knowledge of perfumery

    Session dates

    From Monday 04 July 2022 to Saturday 16 July 2022



    • Learn about the technical principles of perfume formulation
    • Learn the evaluation methods of a perfume
    • Know the steps of a perfume development and the various industrial participants
    • Discover the perfumer’s various professional opportunities and positions


    The History of perfumery

    • From antiquity until today
    • Modern perfumery
    • Haute Couture and perfumery
    • Perfumery Democratization

    The main fragrance families

    • Discovery of famous raw materials
    • Olfaction of emblematic perfumes belonging to fragrance families.
    • Perfume evaluation and description

    Raw materials olfaction / formulation initiation

    • Discovery of main natural raw materials
    • Discovery or synthetic raw materials
    • Formulation essentials
    • Basics of laws & regulations

    From creation to commercialization

    • Understand the brief
    • Creation characteristics
    • Commercializing a perfume
    The Strong points

    Number of trainees enrolled at ISIPCA per year: 500
    Customer satisfaction rate on the training course: 88%

    Teaching methods

    Teaching methods

    • Conferences, questions answers.
    • Workshops in subgroups.
    • Olfactive evaluation of raw materials and products.
    • Formulation in a perfumery laboratory

    Educational resources

    • Laboratories
    • Workshops
    • Fully equipped plenary rooms
    • Site visit

    Assessment methods

    • Quizz after each session


    Martin FERRÉ
    Chargé de développement commercial
    Myriam POLYGONE
    Continuing Education Assistant

    Additional information

    Funding modalities and qualification criteria

    • Online payment
    • Company funding, Personal funding


    Updated on March 25th 2021