EFCM ISIPCA Master degree received their certificates in Versailles

The 2016 graduated students of the EFCM ISIPCA Master degree received their certificates in Versailles, from the representatives of the school partners’ institutions.
At the end of two years studying at ISIPCA, the University of Versailles-St-Quentin and the University of Padova, the young graduates of the 14th promotion from the European Fragrance and Cosmetic Master enjoyed, with their relatives, the Graduation evening in Versailles, close to Paris, in France.

On December 6th, Mr Bruno Bouniol President of ISIPCA, elected member of the Regional Paris Ile-de-France Chamber of Commerce, Ms Cécile Montier, Managing Director of ISIPCA, Ms Fabienne Mesguich, Vice President of UVSQ and Professor Giacomo Boesso, Director of the MBM program at the University of Padova, Italy, have congratulated and encouraged the young graduates, wishing them a beautiful career in the cosmetic and fragrance fields.  Each student was called on the stage to get their diploma and to pose for the traditional picture with their gown. Miss Karina Mandala from Indonesia, the head of the class 2016 received special honours.
Contact : Kathia Booth-Favarcq


Take advantage of the summer: form in the universe of the French-style perfume and cosmetic!

Students or professionals fascinated by the universe of the French-style perfume and cosmetic, you wish to learn, to discover, to smell, to create with our teams of trainers! THE ISIPCA opens every summer his Summer School : "The art of the French perfume shop and the cosmetic".

The educational program is allowing by workshops, conferences and visits of companies to discover this French approach to the universe of the perfume shop and the cosmetic, which will highlight love of gestures, pleasure of the senses and the passion of products anchored in a history and a strong culture of beautiful realizations.
The program is structured in the form of 2 independent and complementary training courses, the one on the perfume shop of 10 days, the other one on the cosmetic of 5 days. In the term of the training, the participants will receive an ISIPCA certificate.
Contact : Lise Ribera


Around the world with Campus France

ISIPCA is an international school which counts more than twenty nationalities among his students. Campus France is a partner favored for the foreign students who wish to come to study in France.

Every year, ISIPCA participates in the meetings with the persons in charge, coming from all over the world, who are held in Paris. On this occasion ISIPCA presents the school and its trainings.
Let us remind that Campus France is a French public institution in charge of the promotion of the higher education and the international mobility.
The representatives Campus France are of this fact the ambassadors of ISIPCA for the international students.
Contact : Lydie Gumery


ISIPCA renews for the 3rd year its training workshops in Shangaï and in Taiwan

On May and on June, 2017, sessions grouping about twenty aromatherapists, olfactotherapists and passionates will be trained during the next ISIPCA program.

Animated by Axelle Frachon,  ISIPCA alumni, the workshops will propose to the participants a pedagogy in order to discover the universe of the perfume and the aromas. This training will highlight the pleasure of the senses and the passion of products anchored in the history and the culture. 
These programs propose in particular the discovery of raw materials, the formulation of basic agreements and some workshops around the olfaction, as for example the creation of perfumed candle, potpourri, and eau de toilette.

Contact : Philippe Dubost

Mise à jour le 12 September 2017