ISIPCA have been developing a new unit specialising in perfumery, cosmetics and food flavourings:
We provide business with the human and technical resources of ISIPCA.
Our service unit operates through two areas of ISIPCA:

  • physico-chemical analysis
  • sensory evaluation.

Sensory analysis 

  • Classic descriptive (QDA profile...) and innovative (tri, flash profile, DTS ....) methods.
  • Consumer methods (preference studies, qualitative and quantitative sensory marketing approach)
  • Panels of experts (cosmetics, perfumery and food flavourings)
  • 10 individual evaluation booths (Fizz) and 5 booths for evaluating drying (functional perfumery)

 Physico-chemical analyses

  • Extraction : SPME, ITEX2, Head-Space, soxhlet,
  • Gas chromatographie (GC) :
    • 2 CPG-FID ,1 CPG-FID chirale, 1 CPG-MS, 2 CombiPAL/CPG-MS, 1 CPG-Olfactometry,
    • 1 SFC-DAD (Partenariat Agilent),
    • 1 HPLC-UV,
  • Colorimetry : 2 spectrocolorimètres,
  • Spectrometry :  1 UV-VIS, 1 Fourier Transformed InfraRed Spectrometer,
  • Stability : 2 SUNTEST, étuves …
  • Rheology : Penetrometer, viscometer

Data processing

  • Sensory
  • Data correlations of sensory characterisations
  • Consumers

The experience and skills of the R&D department applied to various domains 

  • Perfumery: supervision of raw materials, analyses of formulae, comparison of perfumes, analysis of counterfeits...
  • Cosmetics: characterisation, consumer evaluation, formulation of bases and finished products...
  • Food flavourings: Analysis and characterisation of flavourings (sensory and physico-chemical); detection and identification of causes of off-flavours/contaminants; consumer perception; monitoring of volatile stability...
  • Olfactory characteristics for the automobile, agri-food, perfumery industries...
Mise à jour le 22 January 2018