Are you a student at ISIPCA and looking for accommodation?
The School can help you!

Where to live during your stay :


Ask us at the School Reception (Accueil) before starting your application.
Make sure that you specify "APPRENTI CCI ECOLE ISIPCA" on your application documents, as this will greatly increase the chances of your application being accepted.
You must send us all the requested supporting documents so that your application can be completed successfully.
There is no particular time of year to register (you can choose to apply when moving into OR leaving accommodation).
Allow around 2 months after submitting your completed application for it to be processed.


Partner organisations:

  • ALJT (Association Logement des Jeunes Travailleurs – Young Workers’ Housing Association)

ISIPCA has signed a regional partnership contract with ALJT. Please visit us at the school to find out how to maximise the chances of your application being accepted.
Only available for students with an apprenticeship contract or professional training contract.
54 halls of residence for 18 to 32-year-olds throughout the Ile-de-France region (Versailles, Chaville, Bois d’Arcy, Sèvres, Boulogne, Paris, Montigny Le Bretonneux, etc.)
5,500 furnished rooms ranging from 12 m2 to 30 m2
From €400 all bills included (before housing grant)

  • ‘Les 119 Le Chesnay’ halls of residence

119 rooms for young workers aged between 18 and 25
7 impasse René Mouchotte - 78150 Le Chesnay

  • Association Marcel Callo
  • ‘Ensemble 2 générations’ Association
  • ALFI (Association pour le Logement des Familles et des Isolés – Housing Association for Families and Single People)

‘Saint Rémy Les Chevreuses’ halls of residence
Available to students with or without a joint work-study contract.
Contact: Mme Judith Lize on +33(0)1 78 12 77 28

‘Fontenay Le Fleury’ halls of residence (108 rooms, opened on 1st June 2015)
Available to students with or without a joint work-study contract.
Contact: Mme Murielle Kerzerho on +33(0)6 31 26 03 82

  • ARPEJ/’Univercity’ (Halls of residence for students and young people)

Available to students with or without a joint work-study contract.

Univercity Millénium 
9 place de l'Europe
Tel: +33(0)1 39 45 18 09

Univercity Victor Guerreau
5 rue Paul Dautier
Tel: +33(0) 820 098 095

Univercity La Cybele
26 rue Robert Surcouf
Tel: +33(0) 820 098 095

Univercity Henri Langlois
13 rue Jacques Tati
Tel: +33(0) 820 098 095

Univercity Campuséo
12 rue des Frères Caudron
Tel: +33(0)1 30 70 62 10


Government Housing Grants:

  • MOBILI JEUNE® Government Housing Grant

The MOBILI-JEUNE® grant is aimed at helping young people who are studying and working at the same time to finance the cost of rented accommodation.
It is available for people under 30 with an apprenticeship contract and working in a private, non-agricultural business. A maximum of €100 is payable per month in the form of a housing grant, subject to conditions.

Tel: +33(0)1 49 21 60 10 (special code 2020).

More information: ASTRIA (partners with ISIPCA), SOLENDI or ANAF


  • Personal Housing Allowance (APL)

Your eligibility for a Personal Housing Allowance is calculated on the basis of your income for the year N-2. 
APL is not paid during your first or last month in private rented accommodation. These periods of ineligibility do not apply to people living in hostels for young workers (foyers de jeunes travailleurs).

For more information check out the website of the CAF (Caisse des Allocations Familiales - Family Allowance Fund)


  • Student Rental Deposit (Caution Locative Etudiante or ‘Clé’) 

The ‘Clé’ is a rental deposit paid by the government and managed by Crous which allows students without a guarantor to access accommodation.
This is for students who have an income and are under 28 years old on the 1st of September of the year in which the contract is signed (or over 28 for international doctoral or post-doc students).

An application for the Clé scheme must be submitted directly on the Lokaviz website

For further information:
You can contact the ISIPCA reception on +33(0)1 39 23 70 00


Mise à jour le 29 May 2020