Specialised Master ® Safety & International regulations for Fragrances & Cosmetics

Mastère Spécialisé® - International Safety and Regulation for Fragrances and Cosmetics


5 months of training - 5 months of internship

100% success rate on examinations (Session 2016)
80% professional integration (Class of 2015)

Jobs openings

  • Product Safety Manager
  • International Regulatory Affairs Manager
  • Raw Materials Approval Manager
  • Product Safety and Cosmetovigilance Manager

Training Program

  • Raw materials and ingredients used in the formulation of personal hygiene products, cosmetics and fragrances: extraction, synthesis and characterization
  • Fragrance and cosmetics development
  • Evaluation of the human and environmental safety of ingredients and finished products
  • European and international regulations on fragrances and cosmetics
  • Risk analysis and crisis management
  • Supervised project: file on topical regulatory issues 


  • Developing and marketing fragrances and cosmetics require the creation and management of a regulatory file, verifications that the products are effective and harmless, and cosmetovigilance monitoring.
  • In order to do all these things, professionals in the sector need to have good knowledge of ingredients and formulation techniques, and to manage risks from the product design phase all the way through to use by the consumer.
  • Evaluating potential risks inherent to the raw materials and compositions of products for use as cosmetics or fragrances, depending on their specific uses.
  • Evaluating and validating the regulatory compliance of products developed by development engineers.
  • Product safety evaluation techniques and the risks associated with using products.
  • Supervising and validating the preparation of regulatory files working with development engineers and external service providers.
  • Validating regulatory compliance of communication materials (packaging, labelling, advertising, etc.).
  • Organizing international regulatory intelligence activities or a cosmetovigilance system.
  • Crisis management and crisis communication.
  • Working with multiple internal and external stakeholders

Qualification prerequisites

  • An engineer’s degree in chemistry, biology, agronomy or agriculture
  • A Master’s degree in chemistry, pharmacy or biology
  • Master’s (M1) or Bachelor’s degree (4 years) level with at least 3 years of professional experience


They have placed their trust in us

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Enrolment fee: €200 (mandatory and non-refundable)

Cost of the course:

  • Students & young graduates: €10,000 inc. VAT
  • Employees: €15,000 ex. VAT

€2,000 to be paid when the applicant is declared eligible for admission, to confirm enrolment. All prices are provided as an indication only. Bank loans may be considered. The cost can be financed as part of an individual training leave or a Company Training Plan.

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