Student life at ISIPCA

Everyday life

Different services are available for ISIPCA students:

  • Accomodations at flat rate for a year-round, near the campus.
  • Blackboard is our LMS available for each student.
  • Lifetime ISIPCA Gmail account and G Suite for each student.
  • 35 computer workstations are available every day in the I.T. room.
  • The broadband wifi network is connected to the high speed optical fiber and deployed on all the buildings.
  • A paper and virtual library offers an extensive collection of documents on perfumery, cosmetics and food flavourings, as well as a collection of general publications, and access to specialized databases.
  • A convivial meeting place in the centre of the school where you can also eat, work and chill.

Cultures from the world

ISIPCA is a world-renowned school that attracts and trains people from all around the world.
Cultural diversity promotes exchanges and complementarity of projects.
It is a flexibility and openness that promotes international exchanges and develops a network of students and alumni around the world.

A place like nowhere else

The school is established at Versailles, near Paris in France.
We enjoy a quiet place close to many airports and train stations.
Versailles, well knowed for its Castle, is also the world cradle of fragrance.
You will love to stroll through the city and the castle park in the footsteps of Marie-Antoinette.

Mise à jour le 02 July 2018