Technical and Scientific

MSc in Cosmetic Expertise Formulation & Applications

Master Degree

English-taught Postgraduate Program

  • 1 year
    November 2021 to
    March 2022

  • venue
  • Internship
  • cost
  • €10 250
  • application

    Application dates

    Start: January 2021
    End: September 1st, 2021

    Entry level :

    Master Degree

    Admission requirements

    Admission requirements

    • Graduate level: Master’s Degree in a scientific field, such as: Chemistry, Chemical Engineering, Biochemistry, Biology, Biological Sciences, Botany, Pharmacy & Pharmacology
    • A strong interest in Cosmetic Formulation & Applications
    • A first-hand experience in a related sector would be highly appreciated but is not required
    • Proficiency in English is required
    • English proficiency test scores are required for non-native speakers:  
    • IELTS: 6.5 or TOEFL iBT: 85 or TOEIC: 850

    How to apply

    Admission process

    • Download and fill out the application form
    • Completed application form and required documents must be sent through our online platform. 
    • Face-to-face or online interview
    • Application deadline: 1 September 2021
    • Guidelines to obtain your visa

    Registration fees

    The Registration fees: €200
    The Registration fees are non-refundable and must be paid online when submitting your application.
    Once you have been admitted and have paid your Tuition fees, you will receive:

    • a Pre-arrival Welcome Book
    • an Address Book ‘Where to get information in your country?’
    • an Off-Campus Housing Guide

    Process online for application payment



    • Acquire a genuine expertise of Cosmetic Formulation & Applications
    • Develop a high-level knowledge of global Cosmetic markets

    Learning goals

    • Develop a current knowledge of global cosmetic markets, key players and consumer trends
    • Acquire a real expertise in cosmetic composition
    • Understand and master cosmetic formulation process
    • Uphold safety regulation and execute quality processes
    • Develop your know-how in a company thanks to a 6-month internship/work placement

    Learning outcomes

    • Set formula to ensure finished products expected by consumers
    • Coordinate/manage cosmetic formulation and production
    • Ensure compliance with health and safety regulations
    • Conduct quality control tests


    Core Courses at ISIPCA:

    • Study of raw materials
    • The different types/categories of cosmetics
    • In-depth knowledge of Cosmetic Formulation
    • Sensory Analysis
    • Sciences: Applied Biochemistry & Rheology to Cosmetic Formulation
    • International Cosmetic Markets, Key Players and Consumer Behavior
    • Skin Physiology and Cosmetic exposure/safety
    • Project: Product Design
    • Professional lectures


    Methods used

    • On-site and off-site courses
    • Hands-on exercises in the laboratories
    • Thesis and oral presentations
    • Group work
    • Tutored projects
    • Individual assessment and group feedback
    • Access to online educational platforms and resources
    • Coaching by the pedagogical team, the career centre counsellor and a company tutor/apprenticeship supervisor
    • Training evaluation survey and learner satisfaction survey at the end of the course


    Sylvie TOULGOAT
    Academic Manager
    +33 1 39 23 70 57
    Colette CAZIER
    Administrative and teaching assistante
    +33 1 39 23 70 62

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    Please check our partners in France if you are in need of local housing accommodation during your studies.