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MSc Management of the Flavor & Fragrance Industry

Master Degree

2 years of multidisciplinary training entirely in English,
in the field of flavor and fragrance

  • 2 years

  • Contract type
  • Internship Contract
  • Frequency
  • 1st year:
    450h Courses
    Internship 4 months

    2nd year:
    450h Courses
    ​Internship 6 months

  • arrangement
  • Internship
  • cost
  • € 4 000/year
    • French level: Level I

    • European level: Level 7


    Application dates

    Start: March, 2018
    End: June 15th, 2018

    Entry level :

    Bachelor Degree

    Admission requirements

    Students with bachelor / BBA level in science, marketing, management, or law and 180 validated ECTS and professionals with working experience in the fields of flavors & fragrances

    How to apply

    • application form
    • level test
    • TOEIC 815 or IELTS 7,5
    • interview



    The aim of this 2-year degree is to train tomorrow’s flavour & fragrance industry professionals in innovation and the expertise of the teching team, in the city of Grasse.

    University Côte d’Azur (UCA), includes several research and education institutions on the Côte d’Azur, brought together to develop a new university. The main goals are to generate a dynamic and powerful concentration of sciences, technology, art and innovation in an exceptional environment.


    MSc Management of the Flavor & Fragrance Industry

    The MSc « Management of the Flavor & Fragrance Industry » offers:

    • An innovative interdisciplinary educational program
    • 2 years of courses
    • 100 % english track
    • Two 6-month internships (one in France, and one international)

    This 2-year degree offers an innovative interdisciplinary educational program in this field.

    Characteristics of the degree:

    • Major - Minor structure which fosters skill development in different fields such as law, marketing and science.
    • It is a DE2P : Double Expertise Professional Program at the graduate level, focused on practical skills for a career in the perfume industry


    M1 Core curriculum
    Acquire general expertise in the flavor and fragrance industry, which offers the student a global vision of this industry through:

    • The perfume industry economy
    • Scent marketing
    • Legal aspects
    • Toxicological and regulatory issues
    • Copyright and patent right concepts 

    Master interpersonal communication and quality rules of the flavor and fragrance industry
    Train the students in internship / job searches
    Deepen foreign language skills: English or French (for English speakers)
    Master management of an interdisciplinary project through: 

    • Market research and study
    • Bibliographic research
    • Packaging research
    • Regulatory positioning

    M2 Core Curriculum
    Acquire general expertise of the flavor and fragrance industry such as:

    • The perfume industry economy
    • Scent marketing
    • Legal aspect
    • Toxicological and regulatory issues
    • Copyright and patent right concepts
    • Master interpersonal communication

    Be trained in employment searches and a foreign language
    Master management (theoretical and practical) of an interdisciplinary project with several student profiles:

    • Market research
    • Bibliographic research
    • Formulation
    • Packaging research
    • Regulatory positioning
    • Marketing survey


    Grasse is the global capital of perfumes, and hosts all aspects of the flavor and fragrance industry, such as the cultivation of aromatics and medicinal plants, and the transformation and creation of fragrances and essences. All aspects are developed and processed in this region, which generates approximatively 3000 jobs that are the direct result of this industry. 
    Two local programs already exist in the Flavor and Fragrance field:

    • Nice – Sophia Antipolis University (UNS) offers the FOQUAL Master's (formulation, analysis, quality)
    • EDHEC Business School offers a specialization in fragrance and cosmetics in the BBA EDHEC program

    As part of its IDEX project, University Côte d'Azur offers a Master's degree in collaboration with UNS (UFR Droit and UFR Science) and the EDHEC Business School. This alliance is the result of the desire to set up a new and innovative program focused on flavor and perfume in the city of Grasse.
    It also shares the expertise of these two structures and the best assets in terms of education and premises to offer a training program that will meet and surpass the expectations of companies in the sector.

    What is the IDEX Project ?

    • IDEX : Initiative of Excellence, recognizing the scientific quality of the university and its potential for international excellence
    • Allocates funds for the potential development of a scientific site
    • Promotes international visibility
    • Reinforces the relations between universities, companies and other organizations

    Characteristics of an IDEX degree:

    • International orientation with 100% of courses taught in English
    • At least 50% of foreign students per annual cohort
    • Integration of new teaching practices, including service to the community

    After the Master Sciences

    The strong links with companies and research laboratories  are an essential component of this MSc: it allows for better integration, of the student into the working world. Through tutored projects and guest speakers from Flavor and Fragrance companies, students can have a global understanding of the expectations and goals of tomorrow's companies
    Students are supported in their applications for both local and international internships:

    • Between 4 and 6 months for the first year
    • 6 months for the second year

    Internships aim to apply skills learned during the curriculum and to help students to launch their careers in the flavor and fragrance industry.
    The travel expenses related to the international internship are included in the annual fees.
    Upon receiving the UCA Master Sciences, students are prepared to pursue their careers in the following fields within the industry:


    • Consumer understanding
    • Sensory evaluation
    • Sales & business development
    • Operational marketing
    • Development marketing
    • Market surveys


    • Sensory evaluation
    • Research & development
    • Creation of flavors & fragrances
    • Regulation & quality


    • Patents
    • Copyrights
    • Innovation valorization


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    Claire DIKIDJIAN
    Fragrances and Perfumes Project Manager
    Université Côte d'Azur