Technical and Scientific

MSc Scent Design and Creation

Master Degree


  • 3 years

  • venue
  • Internship
  • cost
  • €10,250/year
    • French level: Level I

    • European level: Level 7


    Application dates

    Start: January 2021
    End: May 31, 2021

    Entry level :

    Bachelor Degree

    Admission requirements

    • Bachelor or minimum 2-3 year degree in Science, Chemistry, Chemical Engineering, Engineering, Biochemistry or Mathematics
    • Fluent in English (TOEFL iBT 85)

    How to apply

    • Application form
    • Application Review/Phone/Video Screening with select candidates
    • Olfactive Intelligence Test®, Creative Presentation, Interview with Selection Panel
    • Student Selection and Notification



    The program is built upon the fundamentals of Fine Fragrance creation, and includes comprehensive study and exposure to the world of Consumer Fragrance.
    This new curriculum covers the evolution of the business of perfume and fragranced products in the global marketplace.
    Courses include : history of perfumer, fine fragrance fundamentals, consumer insights, personal development, teamwork, creativity, project leadership, and more.
    Students explore various professional specializations as fine or consumer fragrance perfumers, evaluators or scent design managers, marketing, sales, technologists, etc.
    This program is taught in English, and fluency is required.
    The program includes an internship at IFF with a senior perfumer mentor to apply classroom learning to on-the-job experience.



    A unique 3-year program that immerses students in the foundations and pioneering advances of the world of Fragrance, and prepares students for rewarding careers in the leading positions in this exciting profession. A full-time program with global internship opportunities.

    In partnership with IFF - International Flavors and Fragrances Inc. - , a worldwide leading company in fragrances. IFF has partnered with the world’s premier fragrance school to offer the first and only accredited program of its kind. This partnership combines over 125 years of IFF’s creative legacy with the proven academic excellence that has forged ISIPCA.
    This highly selective Master’s program immerses students in the foundations and pioneering advances of the profession, at a state-of-the-art campus in France, the historic heart of perfumery culture.
    Students who complete the program receive a Master of Science diploma from ISIPCA.



    First year Second year Third year
    • Raw materials / lab work
    • Perfumery fundamentals
    • Chemistry
    • History of Perfume
    • Marketing and Business overview
    • Personal and professional development
    • Pedagogical Trip to Grasse
    • IFF Insight Sessions
    • Internship in Retail:
      May through August
    • Raw materials continued
    • Fine fragrance accords & schemas
    • Business focus and skills
    • Chemistry
    • Exposure to Flavors
    • Personal and Professional development
    • Pedagogical Trip to Grasse
    • IFF Insight Sessions
    • Internship at IFF:
      May through August
    • Introduction to Consumer Fragance
    • Consumer Fragrance accords & schemas
    • Business focus and skills
    • Exposure to Flavors
    • Personal and Professional development
    • Advanced Chemistry
    • IFF Insight Sessions
    • Final project


    APPLY FOR 2020/2021

    • Download the registration form by clicking at the bottom of the page
    • Application form should be opened in Adobe Acrobat reader, saved to your computer, completed and submitted online. Further instructions will be found on the application form.


    Methods used

    • On-site and off-site courses
    • Hands-on exercises in the laboratories
    • Thesis and oral presentations
    • Group work
    • Tutored projects
    • Individual assessment and group feedback
    • Access to online educational platforms and resources
    • Coaching by the pedagogical team, the career centre counsellor and a company tutor/apprenticeship supervisor
    • Training evaluation survey and learner satisfaction survey at the end of the course



    • €10,250 each year, for 3-year course of study. Deposit of 30% to be paid to the eligibility and the balance before the first day of class. Possibility to pay the balance in 5 installments over the year, resulting in a surcharge of 300 € per school year.
    • €200 for application handling fees (mandatory and non-refundable). Payable online. Click below to submit your payment.

    Process online for application payment


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    Colette CAZIER
    Administrative and teaching assistante
    +33 1 39 23 70 62
    Cécile PERRIN
    Academic Manager
    01 39 23 70 56

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    Please check our partners in France if you are in need of local housing accommodation during your studies.

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